The Eco-heroes stay home

Hi everyone,

we hope that you and your loved ones are well in these anxious and challenging times. Like most people, we are staying home and keeping our families safe. With schools closed, we suddenly find ourselves juggling distance learning with working from home all the while trying to maintain domestic harmony and health. A tall order! However, as is often the case, a crisis can lead to opportunity, and we at Save Our World are embracing this new way of working and living and are bringing the Eco-heroes to your home! Starting now, we will deliver book readings and art & illustration tutorials via video sessions on our social media channels and website. It is well known that creative activities free up the mind and ease anxiety, so we hope you find enjoyment and some inspiration in this.

Check out Leona’s first video tutorial on our You Tube channel, where she shows you step by step, how to draw an Eco-hero (Sundos). Colette has been reading and recording each chapter from all three books and will upload each session regularly over the coming weeks. The school closures also meant that all our remaining school author/illustrator visits this (school) year have been postponed, however we are putting together an e-session pack for those schools that we hope will allow for some socially distanced engagement. These e-sessions will be available on IGTV and Facebook also and we will endeavor to add more content regularly for as long as needed.

So keep checking our channels for new and exciting content! Stay safe, stay home.

Leona & Colette