About us

Our Mission

Save Our World raises awareness of global environmental issues through relevant, funny and engaging children’s stories created to inspire change and climate action for a more sustainable planet – starting in the Middle East.

We want to Save our World sustainably – it’s that simple.

Our Team

The Eco-heroes’ is a series of children’s books written by Colette Barr and illustrated by Leona Collins, two Dubai residents who created the company Save Our World to raise awareness of environmental issues and help people make positive choices to protect the planet. 

Meet The Eco-heroes

Ahmed, Sundos, Rudi, Finlay and Maria are five friends who want to look after the environment and save the planet through recycling, energy and water conservation, reducing food waste and minimising plastic.


Finlay is from Scotland

He is silly, funny and full of mischief.

He is a Food Fanatic! Ever since he was wee he wanted to be a chef like his crazy uncle who travels the world. He taught Finlay the importance of food and that it needs to be respected.


Ahmed is from the UAE

He is the youngest Eco-hero with big dreams and great ideas how to save the planet. He wants to be a guardian of the UAE (and he named the Eco-heroes)!

Ahmed is the Emperor of Energy! He makes it his mission to save energy wherever he goes and likes to learn about new types of power which are kind to the planet.


Ahmed's perfect big sister

is funny, kind and super confident. She is the Head Girl at school!

Sundos is the Plastic Police. She reminds people not to buy single-use plastics and sets a brilliant example to everyone around her.


Rudi is from South Africa

He is obsessed with football and everything sporty.

Rudi is the Water Watcher because in his own country of South Africa water is running out! He realises people could be doing a whole lot more to save water so that no other countries run short.


Maria is from India

She is super smart and always has her head buried in a book.

Maria is the Recycling Ruler! She knows so much about reducing, reusing and recycling that even the teachers ask for her advice. She encourages her family and friends to recycle as much as possible everyday.