Jumeirah Primary School – Book Pilot

Hi Everyone,

Lots of you have been asking when our first book will be ready and we want to let you know that are getting closer to the launch every single day.

We are doing some pilot reading sessions with a handful of schools in Dubai so we can hear from the children and the teachers what they think about “Recycling Trip Trouble”.

The first session took place last week at GEMS Jumeirah Primary School and we were really nervous about the feedback the children and the staff would give us. It’s the first time we have written or illustrated any books and we were preparing ourselves for the worst………but we didn’t need to worry. What a fantastic session.! Alize and Ariana (Years 4 and 5) were very organized in their approach to the feedback and came prepared with a sheet of A4 paper full of constructive tips and advice.

They started with the positives (thankfully, there were lots) and then followed up with some constructive points about language and grammar. They even had some technical tips and points about the recycling. We were delighted to hear what the girls had to say because Alize is an expert blogger in the school and Ariana is an Eco-Warrior. See her recent post here http://alizezobairi.blogspot.ae/2018/05/introducing-eco-heroes.html. Sreya (Year 5) also shared her initial views on the book, but mostly we discussed merchandising, websites and sales. Sreya recently won a competition to be named one of Dubai’s “Kidpreneurs” and her website, www.animalsendangered.com is really fantastic. She aims to save a number of local animals though the sales of her beautiful artwork on a number of different products. It was great to hear about her journey and discuss websites with her.

We were so impressed with the girls we met at JPS that we will certainly ask for their advice on our future books.

Huge thanks to Alize, Ariana, Sreya, Ms. Christley, Ms. Usher and the Principal, Mrs Higgins for such a great session and for all their support.

Let’s hope the children at JESS Jumeirah are as kind to us next week………………. 😊

Bye for now,

The Save Our World Team