It’s Pizza Night!

Over the past few weekends, we’ve been OBSESSED with pizza – and not just any pizza – we’re loving Freedom specifically. At Freedom, they source fresh organic local ingredients from the fabulous Greenheart Organic Farms as well as other local suppliers and this makes their pizza ingredients sustainably sourced as well as TOTALLY delicious.

We love a plant-based diet (even though some of the Save Our World Team are not quite there yet with that one……they are trying!) and Freedom offers a really delicious cauliflower base, which is excellent. The cauliflower base is a low fat and low-calorie option as well as being gluten free. It’s super tasty so children won’t even notice it’s the healthy option. There is a gluten free dough base and of course, the regular dough mutligarin base to choose from as well. Our favorite is the Veganista or we add caramelized onions to a vegan Margherita. (They’ve got all the meaty options too for all those who haven’t watched all those animal agriculture documentaries yet!).

Apart from the fantastic pizza, we love Freedom for what it represents. Freedom was one of the early adopters of the #stopsucking campaign and replaced its plastic straws and cutlery with completely biodegradable substitutes, which are provided only if requested. Freedom is forward thinking, supports local startups and artists and is committed to making itself and its customers think more sustainably and environmentally. Freedom is committed to reducing food waste and its overall carbon footprint. Check out its collaboration with Solva in its mission to offer cleaner delivery in the UAE.

Thank you to Freedom for generously offering a FREE MEDIUM PIZZA to our first fifty online customers buying The Eco-heroes Fight For Food  from our website The offer is valid until 28thMay 2019.

We think you should try Freedom today and make every night a Freedom night!