Launching Our Second Book at The Emirates Airline Lit Fest


Many of you might know this already, but we recently launched our second book, The Eco-heroes Fight For Food.

Eco-Heroes Book Two - Fight For Food Arabic Cover

It was launched on the 28th February, the eve of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature which we took part in for the first time, as part of it’s Make A Difference programme. It was awesome! Check out what  The Media had to say about us going to the festival for the first time.

We are SO happy with the new book because it’s not only the second book in the series and fighting food waste in a brilliant way (we think), but we LOVE our new physical book even more than before. We printed on 100% recycled paper again, of course, but this time we used vegetable inks which are totally chemical free and totally non-harmful to the environment. In fact, we loved the look and feel of our new book so much, we reprinted  Recycling Trip Trouble using the same new local supplier, paper and inks, giving it a premium environmental refurb! (In case it wasn’t environmentally friendly and sustainable enough already!)

Fight For Food focuses on The Eco-heroes tackling food waste in every day scenarios. They buy, prepare, eat, share and save food, all whilst having a great laugh and enjoying lots of fun (and sometimes naughty!) antics. It encourages children to get more involved with their food and understand what goes into preparing meals. They explore markets, traditional and vertical farming, baking, over-eating, wasting and composting food.  It subliminally highlights plant based diets and touches upon Ramadan fridges and food banks. We could have made the book 5 times thicker with all the facts and important messages we wanted to highlight, but we are very focused on keeping it fun and light hearted because the messages actually have a better chance of getting through that way.

Check out some of the fun we had at the  Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2019, on our YouTube Channel  and also on the  EAFL Channel , to see the Education Programme Day 4 highlights. We are hoping to be back for 2020’s festival and most probably with a whole load of new books for us to get even more excited about. STAY TUNED!

Order your copies of The Eco-heroes in Recycling Trip Trouble and Fight For Food  TODAY ! We know you’ll like them.

Ciao for Now,

The Save Our World Team x