Did you have a sustainable summer?

Hi everyone! It’s been a while, How have your summers been? We’ve been super busy over the past few months, working on many different projects and travelling the world! Where have you all been over the break? I went to Tanzania, the UK and Pakistan 🙂 While strolling around the streets of Wales I noticed how different the atmosphere was there, the air seemed to be so pure and fresh, there seemed to be very limited cars on the roads and the scenery was incredible! It was so inspiring walking around the town and seeing all of the small things they did there to help conserve our environment. I noticed that on every other street there were recycling bins, almost all restaurants encouraged veganism and I also stumbled across a display that motivated me to do everything I could to help. This display reflected the attitude of the people there, it was about how we must start minimizing the use of plastic!

While in Tanzania, I felt so lucky to have shelter, running water and a good education. We went to a small town called ‘Moshi’ to help build a school. It taught me a lesson to always be thankful for what I have. While living in the camp we had to make sure we minimized the use of tap water as much as we could, we didn’t use our phones the whole week and we walked almost everywhere as opposed to using a car. While building the school I noticed that the kids were much more independent and responsible than I was at that age. They were so keen on helping us and they were all so respectful. They were very enthusiastic, even in the poor conditions they were living in, and they never failed to put a smile on my face. On our last day, we donated a lot of our books, clothes and toys,  It was such a memorable experience and I wouldn’t change it for a thing.

Pakistan was all about family, It’s always fun celebrating Eid with those you love. My uncle is a part of TCF (The Citizens Foundation), which is an organization that provides education to those who can’t afford it. They have already built and started up 1,567 school units and hope to build more!

Overall my summer has been incredible and I really enjoyed exploring all of those places! I hope you all can share the same experience as I have. Until next time!

-Arhum the intern