What does Recycling have to do with Crisps? The Recycling Ruler Explains…

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying being back at school already. We had such a great summer but I’m excited to get back to learning. I do love my reading.  Although I wanted to share something with you which I read last week because I am SOOOOOooooo disappointed.  How many of you enjoy munching crisps? Tortilla chips, spicy chips, salt & vinegar chips, plain chips, round chips, square chips, stick chips, cheesy chips, veggie chips, ketchup chips, lentil chips, …….I love them all, but I have got some bad news to share on that front.

Apparently, most crisp packets are not recyclable at all and Walkers Crisps  which we all know, has been made to answer questions from crisp lovers on why their packaging is not more environmentally friendly.  The shiny foil inside is not aluminium but thin layers of different plastics which cannot be broken down or recycled.  Apparently 7000 crisp packets are produced every minute in the UK alone and Walkers makes 11 million packets of crisps a day worldwide. That’s a LOT of crisps. The thing is, most people really enjoy crisps as a snack (they are not all unhealthy my mum says) so when we buy crisps we want to know that the packaging is responsible packaging because no one wants to give up buying crisps!!!!!!! 

Pepsi Company, which owns Walkers has a really good recycling programme and it has vowed to reduce its global plastic pollution significantly through its various sustainability programmes. It says its crisp packets will be 100% biodegradable by 2025 – BUT I can’t wait that long!  That means there are still millions and millions and millions of non-environmentally non-recyclable crisp packets entering our stores and being bought by us crisp lovers every single day!  Get your parents and teachers to sign the online petition for Walkers to change their packaging sooner than 2025.  If we don’t act now, there could be 6 BILLION non-recyclable crisp packets going to landfill by then.

Most kids are good at annoying their parents when we want something. Annoy them into signing guys, so we can continue to munch our crispy snacks in happiness.