Welcome to our blog

Hi everyone and welcome to our blog.

You probably know by now who we are and what we do. We’re hoping to bring you on our adventures with us and to get you involved in protecting the environment. We are all really sad that we even have to write about protecting the enviornment at all because we shouldn’t be in this position that we have to save the world. Anyway, it’s pretty cool being super hero Eco-heroes and having a bit of fun while we get our messages across.

Hopefully you’ll like our first book about recycling. I am OBSESSED with Reducing, Reusing and Recycling (The Three R’s) and want you to tell us about you recycling adventures too. (Please! :-)) I will post your best ideas on the blog and we can see who is doing a fantastic job already or if anyone needs some help!

Take care, guys and thanks again for joining us on this journey.

Over and Out for now,

Maria 🙂