Too hot this summer? Ahmed’s Tips on Staying Cool!

Is it just me or has anyone else been roasting in Dubai this summer? It’s not been the hottest summer ever, but certainly it’s been toasty at times and it’s great to get out of the heat into a lovely cold house or shop. I love to jump into bed at night when my bedroom is FREEZING and it’s lovely and warm under the blankets.

BUT (I know we should never start a sentence with BUT, but never mind because my teacher is not here right now!), my mum was listening to the radio in the car and the show was talking about the rising use of AC across the world, especially in hot counties like the UAE. It’s so hot outside and when we go indoors the AC is always on full blast.  I started to think about this and realised how much energy that uses up if everyone in the UAE has their AC on every day for months at a time – that’s a LOT of people and a LOT of AC. Sooooo, I started some research online and I think that maybe people just don’t know enough about this. They don’t think about energy use or the environment when they put their AC on high because they are just so desperate to cool down.  I thought that my family and friends might want some top tips on how to be environmentally friendly when using their AC this summer……here are my suggestions:

  • Use more fans instead of AC units. They use much less electricity and you are more likely to turn them off when you leave the house.
  • Make sure you turn off your AC when you leave the house or set a timer so it only goes on for a few hours at a time.
  • Turn your AC to 24 degrees. The Dubai Electricity & Water Authority has a campaign to get everyone turning their thermostats to 24 degrees to minimise the energy consumption. The lower the temperature, the harder your AC units have to work and the more power they use.  That’s also the recommended temperature for offices under Health & Safety standards used in many industries. (I’d better tell my Dad to stop putting the thermostat to 19 degrees!)
  • Turn off lights if you are not using them as they generate a lot of additional heat in rooms (Have you ever touched a light bulb which is on?
  • Have more plants in your house. They absorb sunlight (and therefore heat) and create clean air for the family
  • Use blinds and shades in rooms to minimise sun or heat absorption
  • Use an energy efficient AC unit and get your AC unit checked and the filters cleaned regularly. (In our old house the AC unit was from the dark ages and it could only work at two temperatures – FREEZING or ROASTING). Just think of the number of units in the UAE which have probably never been checked or are so old they shake and sound like a jet engine.
  • Use solar power to make your own electricity – the ultimate power trip!!!!

You could tell your parents that it will save them money too. Check out this article in the news….

Anyway, Mum’s calling. Our cousins have all arrived for Eid celebrations.

Eid Mubarak everyone!

Stay cool for now (the eco way!)


PS: Check out this awesome invention by a girl in the Philippines.  How totally AMAZING! Her invention could help millions of people in the future to access affordable AC without some of the harmful chemicals currently used in AC units.