The Sustainable City Origin Market

Hi everyone! It’s me Finlay.

I just had to tell you all about the wonderful weekend I had with the Eco-heroes! Have you heard of Dubai’s very first zero net energy city? If not then you really should let us fill you in on the fantastic Sustainable City. The Eco-heroes were lucky enough to visit the amazing community when they took part in their very first Origin Market!

Sustainable City ‘brings itself to life’, by providing its energy through its own solar panelling on its car park, villa roofs and all around the development. It could be completely free of the grid, if it was not for a few non-technical points. It’s impressive that the lay out arrangement of the villas is deliberate to ensure each villa faces north in order to avoid the sun and therefore, reduce the need of air conditioning, keeping its residents cool even in the roasting hot summer months. The families which are lucky enough to live in this beautiful environment enjoy cycling and walking around its premises or even using electric buggies to get around, as no cars are permitted inside the community. Residents grow their own fruits and veggies in the greenhouses that run through the park framing the city. The community life is vibrant and exciting and regular events are encouraged, such as the Greener Living Festival (our Founder is a guest speaker at that event), The Farmers Market, numerous different workshops and of course the Origin Market.

The Sustainable City launched their very first Origin Market on the 3rd of November, where they featured a number of talented entrepreneurs and artisans whom all gathered together to sell their own unique handcrafted products, including Save Our World’s Eco-heroes. The market itself is a platform for sustainability enthusiasts to meet and trade their own innovative products that they create with the environment in mind, and it was lovely meeting so many small businesses much like our own. We met with so many of you who follow us, in an environment which truly showcased just what the Eco-heroes are working towards, making for a great day! We got to enjoy the live music and children’s activities that were taking place through our time there. There were stalls for everything from locally produced fruits and veggies, of all colours of the rainbow, to jewellery and soaps!

Be sure to check it out, running from November to April 20th.