The Eco-heroes Schools Tours

Hi Everyone,

Since the launch of our first book Recycling Trip Trouble last October, we have been busy visiting lots of schools, introducing The Eco-heroes and spreading their message of eco-awareness and making a difference. In fact, our first school visit was before the book was even launched. Although our books are primarily aimed at 6-10 year-olds, we have visited Year 2’s and Year 6’s in a number of schools and found that they have been just as engaged as the other year groups. We just change our tone a little and the content to suit our audience. Our visits always involve loads of interaction and the children are usually really engaged with our videos, animations and fun facts. We love having plenty of Q & A at the end of our sessions and personalised book signings if we have the time. Additionally, we also do readings, creative writing and illustration workshops, which the children seem to love everywhere we go.

WATCH our schools tour VIDEO to see us in action.

The response from schools so far has been really positive, with teachers saying how refreshing it is to have local characters and settings to inspire the students. It is fast becoming a welcome UAE resource for social studies, environmental and moral education. Our approach to school visits is flexible, and we have tailored our presentations to each school’s preference, whether it’s for literacy, art & design, environmental or moral education. The main thing is the students have fun and are empowered to write, create and be more environmental.

 To date we have covered more than twenty school visits, with plenty lined up until the end of the year and several return visits, which is always great.  The Eco-heroes are definitely becoming a recognisable bunch . Let us know if you would like The Eco-heroes to come to your school and get in touch through our contacts page. We have lots of new content, fun facts and videos to coming up to highlight our second book The Eco-heroes Fight For Food, coming out by end of February, so even if we’ve visited before, we’ll be sure to bring something new.

Over and Out,

The Save Our World Team x