The 4th Book is FINALLY Here – The Eco-heroes Watch Water Out Now!

BOOK 4 is FINALLY here!

We are so excited and thrilled to be sharing this news with you. It’s taken a while and the world has become a very different place in the time since starting the book to finishing it, but we think it is the BEST yet. I know we always say that but this one really was well worth the wait!

The Eco-heroes Watch Water is all about our water footprint and about taking action to reduce the amount of water we all use. The Eco-heroes get up to their usual silly nonsense while taking the readers through different reasons for water scarcity with brilliant illustrations and plenty to laugh at. This book is almost twice the length of the last Eco-heroes book (The Eco-heroes and The Plastic Planet) and is aimed at slightly older readers this time even though the drawings are excellent for any age.

Click on our author/illustrator Question & Answer video session to learn more  the new book and what they have to say about it.

Order your copy TODAY!

Until the next time, keep saving water and being the best Eco-heroes you can be!