Sustainability in a Small Way – GUEST POST

Guest post by Bookends

650 million is a large number. It is also approximately the number of books that are sold in a year. Another large number is 30 million. 30 million is the number of trees that are cut down every year to produce these books.

It is a shocking reality especially in today’s day and age of environmental deterioration. Sustainable lifestyles have become more and more pertinent to our daily lives. People have started decluttering, educating themselves on sustainable living, and quit using plastic straws. Anything that will diminish our carbon footprint.

Moreover, some people believe that less consumerist behavior could help us achieve our environmentally friendly goal. Does that mean less books to save our planet? Does that mean e-books are the way to go? For many people this would be devastating news.

But what if you didn’t have to stop your love for the physical book? What if you could continue to feed your appetite for reading while also making an effort towards environmentally sustainable? Is there a middle ground where you can enjoy a plethora of books and save the planet?

Enter Bookends. A platform for pre-loved books for all your environmentally friendly reading needs!

Based in the UAE, Bookends is an online platform that takes in and sells pre-loved books that are in great condition. With over 10,000 books in 10 different languages, there’s a little something for everyone. Not only can you buy books on their platform, but you can also use their platform to sell the books that have been collecting dust on your shelves; a system that allows the same books to flow in and out and continue to be reused without any harm to the planet.

Guilt-free and planet-friendly books are exactly what the modern bookworm has been searching for. Now that search is over, as pre-loved books are the answer we have been looking for. No more waste, only the spread of our love for reading.