Hi there, In anticipation of our upcoming book launch tackling food waste, we wanted to give our followers some tips on easy ways to reduce

The Eco-heroes Schools Tours

Hi Everyone, Since the launch of our first book Recycling Trip Trouble last October, we have been busy visiting lots of schools, introducing The Eco-heroes and

Being an Eco-hero at Christmas

Excited about Christmas, but want to be environmentally friendly at the same time?  Let Save Our World give a few practical tips on how to

Happy Green Halloween!

It’s almost Halloween – one of my favourite times of the year! You get to dress up, act goofy and get lots of candy! What’s not to love? However, Halloween, like many holidays, can be a very wasteful time. So Finlay and I are here to help you have a Happy Green Halloween.


Printing Our First Book

So, I don’t know where to start. It’s been such a busy time over the last few weeks. Since the summer, the Save Our World Team has been visiting schools, doing talks and printing and launching our first book. It’s been really fun, really busy and also a bit stressful at times.