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Save Our World raises awareness of global environmental issues through relevant, funny and engaging children’s stories created to inspire change and climate action for a more sustainable planet – starting in the Middle East.

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For aspiring young eco-heroes

Bring awareness to your younger, school going children with modern environmental and social issues, while also celebrating culture, diversity and community.

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The books are published sustainably, written, illustrated and printed in the UAE using recycled paper and vegetable inks from local suppliers, and they also feature the Dubai font. The Arabic versions have been translated by renowned Emirati children’s author Noura Al Khoori.

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Meet "The Eco-heroes"

The Eco-heroes by Save Our World is a series of five books aiming to engage children in environmental, social and cultural topics which are relevant to their everyday lives. They relate to many topics in school curriculum and address the United Nations Development Goals as well as being hilariously funny, of course!


We want everyone, especially children to know that they can make a difference to our world. They are the Eco-heroes of the moment and we want them to succeed.

"Water, a precious gift from the Creator (God). It is vital to people, plants, and the planet. Additionally, it serves as a medium of understanding, faith, and wisdom. All livings flow with water molecules. Therefore, our collective responsibility is to sustain life. I am very proud of Colette Barr who imparted Eco-heroes to watch, save, and protect water. Truly a role model for our generations and the world."
H.H. Abdulaziz Ali Al Nuaimi

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"The Eco-heroes series. Approaches environmental issues in a way that empowers and inspires children to get informed and take actions. The plastic planet gets real about the plastic pandemic but substitutes real action and fun knowledge for panic or despair."
Lucy Siegle
Journalist, Presenter, Author

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